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ArtDriven Group is dedicated to curating, elevating, and creating remarkable surroundings that can resonate with every vision.

Connecting you to Art

01At our creative hub, we offer comprehensive solutions for your artistic, design, and creative needs. Within a collaborative network of companies we offer experiences driven by art - ICArt, Spitting Image, Locarto.
02Our goal is to be your one-stop destination for all things related to the creative program for your project. From initial consultations to seamless installations, we are committed to being your dedicated partner throughout the entire journey.
03With 3 international offices in Oslo, Madrid and Miami; we can transform any space, add value, and provide experiences that strengthen the identity of our clients worldwide.
Our Networks
ICArt (International Corporate Art)
Art curation / Installation
Digital database for artwork / Artists / Art owners
Spitting Image
Production - Large scale prints / Fine arts / Surface design

To inspire, elevate, and transform life through art and create value through the experience of art.

Discover our Core